Our facial treatments are performed using pure reverse osmosis water only (tap water contains harsh, skin-aging elements like fluoride and chlorine), bio-available active ingredients, and gentle, yet effective products. Much care is put into making sure every facial treament stimulates collagen, increases healthy circulation, and effectively detoxifies your skin, leaving it feeling and looking healthy and beautiful. Choose from our many therapeutic facials and skin rejuvenation techniques based on you skincare goals, or let us personalize one for you with our Custom facial. For optimal results, facials should be performed every 4-6 weeks.



-Best for: all skin-

Our most popular facial, designed to target skin’s needs; this facial restores health and vitality to the skin with deep cleansing, exfoliation, detoxification and nourishment.

60 min $90
90 min $120
Upgrade with Peel of Choice for $15 or LED Therapy for $35


-Best for: all skin-

This deep cleansing, oxygenating, and hydrating treatment for the back begins with cleansing, steam, and dual action exfoliation for those hard to reach areas. Active enzymes and a gentle scrub will soften and brighten while a detoxifying mask will help to clear impurities and even skin tone. Therapeutic back, hand and foot massage with natural plant and nut oils ensures complete relaxation. This treatment is perfect for clearing congestion, revealing bright soft skin with a radiantly healthy glow.

60 min $80


-Best for: mature skin-

Multiple stages of gentle cleansing and exfoliation using enzymes and ultrasound therapy are followed with lemon or orange sparkling water to tighten pores and lift skin. A special firming face and scalp massage to strengthen underlying muscles, along with vitamin and antioxidant supplementation effectively rejuvenate the skin, encouraging new cell prouction and increasing elasticity and firmness.

60 min $115


-Best for: sensitive skin-

Special care is taken to ensure your skin’s sensitive needs are met. Using the gentlest and most effective organic ingredients for skin repair and hydration, The Calm Facial will put your skin worries to rest, revealing healthful, glowing skin. This facial is great for thinning skin, visible capillaries and redness, or skin that acts a bit “fussy.”

60 min $90


-Best for: congested or acneic skin-

This powerfully deep cleansing and rejuvenating facial effectively treats oily, congested and blemish-prone complexions while normalizing the skin to prevent future imbalances and damage. Targeted bioactives and lymphatic massage regulate sebum production, inhibit bacteria and reduce inflammation, resulting in clean, clear and balanced skin.

60 min $90


-Best for: hyper pigmented, sun damaged skin-

Gentle enzymatic and ultrasound exfoliation is followed by a synergistic blend of antioxidants and lymphatic massage to even skin tone and strengthen areas threatened by environmental damage. Especially useful for sun damaged and devitalized skin conditions, the Revitalize Facial combats photo-aging on both a topical and cellular level, revealing healthy, toned and vibrant skin.

60 min $110


-Best for: all skins-

Inspired by the beautiful harmony and balance found in nature, this facial luxuriously hydrates and gently stimulates, bringing balance to the skin with natural enzymes, antioxidants and rich essential oils. A hot-and-cold stone massage is followed by a beautiful décolleté treatment and hydrating mask leaving the skin feeling harmoniously soft and supple. The Pamper Facial isperfect for skin in need of a little extra TLC!

90 min $125


At bien-etre, we believe in working with your skin, not against it. Our gentle yet effective peels work to remove excess debris, bacteria and dead skin from the very surface, stimulate healhty circulation, encourage cell renewal, and actually thicken the dermis. These benefits result in a decrease of hyperpigmentation, acne congestion, visible capillaries, lines and wrinkles. Each peel is performed within a complete customized facial treatment.

ORGANIC BLUEBERRY DETOX PEEL (stimulating, no flaking)

This hot peel uses organic blueberry, paprika and cinamon to dialte the capillaries and flush the skin, which instantly detoxifies and brings fresh nutrients to the skin. Great for sluggish or congested skin conditions. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

60 min $105

HERBAL PEEL WITH UGL COMPLEX (gentle, no flaking)

This gentle layered herbal peel is a step-up from our enzyme exfoliants. Used with steam, it works to break up excess debris, oil and bacteria on the surface and dissolve the very top layer of flattened skin cells without causing inflammation or stripping the skin.

60 min $105


Ultrasound Treatments have been used for many years in the medical field. Recently it has become available for skincare. Ultrasound is the use of sound waves which penetrate the skin and bounce off of or absorb into skin tissues, resulting in gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing through vibration, ingredient penetration, and stimulation of healthy collagen and elastin.

bien-être skin care studio incorporates this Ultrasound technology in an effective and revitalizing facial treatment, helping you achieve the best possible results from non-invasive therapy.

60 min $115

STEM CELL FACIAL (recommended in series of 5, once every 3-4 weeks)

By far our most effective facial treatment! Stem cells provide special growth factors that the skin uses to repair DNA at the deepest level. These growth factors are combined with special amino acids to effectively treat a variety of skin conditions from acne and rosacea to scarring and fine lines / wrinkles. Based on stem cell research, this highly effective and very gentle facial therapy rapidly decreases inflammation and redness and penetrates to correct cellular damage with proven results. Every stem cell treatment includes RETINALDEHYDE PEEL and LED therapy to further encourage cell renewal!

60 min $140


LED is a non-invasive, yet effective way to increase the energy levels in the skin, thus promoting collagen synthesis and cell renewal. Red LED increases wound healing and collagen synthesis. Blue LED reduces inflammation, reduces bacteria and normalizes oil production. Add LED therapy to any facial!

Stand Alone Treatment with mini facial treatment
30 min $60


At bien-etre skin care studio, we use two different waxes for hair removal. A green wax, which is perfect for speed waxing larger areas and a creme wax, which is perfect for the most sensitive areas. Skin is gently prepped before waxing and soothing compresses and organic oils are used after waxing to ensure the best possible results!

Starting at $12

Cancellation Policy

* If, for any reason, you need to cancel or reschedule your appoint at bien-etre, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time. Same day cancellations and no-shows will result in a $35 missed appointment fee. If you are a first-time client, please arrive about 5-15 minutes early to fill out new client paperwork and relax a bit before your facial or waxing.

If you are running more than 10 minutes late, every effort will be made to extend the time and give you the full amount of your appointment. However, if there is another appointment following your facial or waxing treatment, we cannot guarantee this will be possible. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to helping you be rested, balanced and well!