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At bien-etre skincare studio, every facial treatment combines active botanical nutrients, vitamins and essential oils with professional exfoliation and massage, personally customized for optimal results. This integrative method restores your skin to it’s highest level of health, youth and radiance. Centuries of therapeutic practices, modern science and technology, and the beauty and complexity of nature all come together to give you the very best in holistic skincare at bien-etre.

what is different about bien-etre skincare
At bien-etre, we do all the research for you, and provide only the very best, esthetician approved products that are gentle, responsible and effective. Natural, organic and biogenic active ingredients stimulate and nourish the skin, providing real results by increasing your skin’s true health and revealing your true beauty!

Jennifer Laz, bien-etre’s owner and esthetican, provides around-the-clock access to her skincare resource center with skincare lessons, tips, how-to’s, reviews, and links to other medical and skincare articles.

bien-etre makes every effort to minimize our carbon footprint. Every order is shipped using recycled brown packing paper, not plastic. We support skin and body care companies that have the same green standards, taking pride in responsible harvesting, packaging and product testing (beauty should never be painful to anyone, animals included.)

bien-etre skincare studio uses reverse osmosis water for every treatment. Tap water  contains many harsh minerals that can deplete the skin and contribute to the aging process. Reverse osmosis water contains all the benefits of pure water without any of these harsh minerals or chemicals.

The skincare studio takes a holistic approach to each treatment, looking at each person as a whole entity. bien-etre provides multiple non-invasive solutions for your skincare goals, including ultrasound, LED, massage, peels, stem cell therapy, and more.

bien-etre skincare client testimonials
From the minute I stepped into bien-etre I knew I was in professional hands! From the first initial greeting to the final overview of my day’s treatments I was treated with professionalism and a knowledge of treatments and products that would rival any PHD! Having once owned top of the line salon and spa’s I have to say I was impressed and pampered beyond words. I would refer bien-etre to any and all looking for the best treatments, top of the line products delivered at an unbelievable price.
-Cynthia Y.

Jennifer is spectacular! She is very knowledgeable, always using the best products and treatments that create amazing results. I started going to her about eight months before my wedding because of terrible acne. By the time of my wedding, Jennifer’s skillful treatments had turned my skin from acne riddled to blushing bride perfect! I continue to have regular treatments because of her amazing work. You will definitely see results and be very happy that you went to Bien-etre!
-Amy S.

I am 16 years old and have tried countless things to help my face including proactiv (twice), dermatologists, multiple Neutrogena skincare products, and many prescriptions from the doctor and every time i was told that it would get worse before it would get better, but this was the first time i was ever told that it would not get worse. It was true my face has improved by so much. It has changed my personality, i used to be embarrassed because of my acne but now there is nothing to be embarrassed of because there is almost nothing there. Jen is a miracle worker and knows what she is talking about. She is fantastic with advice and always keeps up on new things to help my face. If bien etre can do help my face, then it can definitely help anyone else.
-Haley B.

Jennifer is a solid professional. The experience at her spa was exceptional. I felt tremendously relaxed and the sensation was blissful. She showed profound care and offered more than I expected. This would cost hundreds in New York or Paris, but I was amazed at the cost. She offers so many services and adds so much of her own to each one! Truly a must for skin care. Advanced state of the art equipment in a setting that reminds me of Tahiti. Let your senses and your skin soak it all in. You will notice a lasting glow and lift. I chose the Light therapy with ultra sound that went with her facial and foot and hand. Wow! Un- expensive!!!!
-Patricia B.

Jennifer is outstanding. She educates you thoroughly about skin care products, has exceptional knowledge and experience, and offers a wide range of services that are perfect down to the last detail. I would highly recommend her and will continue to be a loyal customer.
-Celina G