Spotlight on Osmosis Pur Mecial Skincare

We came across this lovely little write up in our American Spa Magazine yesterday and wanted to share it with all of you! Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare is the newest product line for bien-etre skincare studio and it has been difficult to keep in stock and on the shelves – in other words, clients love these products!

Osmosis founder and formulator Ben Johnson believes that the best results come from increasing the level of health of the skin – hmmmm…this theory sounds familiar. The “old school” method of skincare is to damage the skin in hopes of stimulating the natural healing processes and get a boost in collagen. This may appear to work in the short term as your skin will feel tighter, softer and wrinkles will appear decreased – it is a false result. These short term effects are really the side effect of edema (swelling) of the skin caused by inflammation and a stripping of the outer layers of skin to reveal baby skin underneath – which is “immature” and not prepared for the harsh elements we face everyday.

So, if that’s the old school method, what’s the new school of thought? Working with your skin’s natural processes to:

  • boost healthy collagen
  • encourage proper proliferation (the natural exfoliation process)
  • thicken the dermis (a thin dermal layer is the cause of many skin imbalances like hyper pigmentation and visible capillaries)
  • increase blood flow and the exchange of nutrients from dermis to epidermis
  • encourage DNA repair at the cellular level

Osmosis products contain bio-available ingredients like comfrey to calm, pineapple enzymes to cleanse and soften, retinaldehyde to thicken the dermis, stem cell growth factors to repair damaged DNA, zinc finger technology to increase permeability of active ingredients and many other gentle and technologically advanced skin goodies. Osmosis significantly helps with Acne, Hyper pigmentation, Rosacea, Wrinkles and Loss of Elasticity, and Scarring.

Shop Osmosis Products and receive 11% off all month long with coupon code THANKFUL11 at checkout.

And for you locals who haven’t already tried it, ask about our new Stem Cell Facial Treatment highlights the Osmosis Stem Cell Growth Factors, LED Light Therapy and Retinaldehyde Peel all in one powerfully effective facial!

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