Take Your Skin to the Gym with Sanitas’ Rejuven-A and Retinol Resurfacing Treatment

Vitamin A is like your skin’s personal trainer, and one that can’t be ignored. When used topically, this Vitamin gets escorted directly into the nucleus of the skin cells where it charges the energy powerhouses called fibroblasts into action, creating new skin cell growth and boosting collagen production.

For more information on this key active ingredient, read the article on Retinaldehyde.

Here’s a great excerpt on Vitamin A from Sanitas biochemist, Benjamin Fuchs:

Vitamin A is the most important nutrient for supporting and maintaining healthy skin. Essential for the treatment of acne, aging skin and hyperpigmentation, Vitamin A is also a vital component in a daily skin care regime for all skin types. Exercise the skin with Vitamin A like you would exercise your muscles at the gym. Start with a lower strength and work your way up as much as you would with weights.

Not all Vitamin A products are created equal, though. In order to achieve all the skin health benefits without the unwanted side effects, choose products that use retinol or retinaldehyde from bio-available sources, like these two products from Sanitas Skincare:

Sanitas Rejuven-Arejuven-a
This product contains 0.5% Retinol, blended with CoQ10, Vitamin C and E, is made for any skin type or condition. Used daily as part of your basic home care regime, this product helps keep blemishes, hyperpigmentation and premature aging at bay. It helps to regenerate skin tissue and improve elasticity, as well as minimize the appearance of fine lines and improve skin texture.

Sanitas Retinol Resurfacing Treatmentresurfacing
Also for any skin type or condition, this treatment contains a higher amount of Retinol (2.5% to be exact) and is meant to be used bi-weekly. When used as part of a home care regime, it will help to eliminate breakouts and prevent new eruptions from occurring, revealing more even skin texture and tone. It smooths the skin and eliminates the cellular material and waste that can cause pore congestion.

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