Sanitas Skincare Spotlight

We love Sanitas Skincare and we know many of you do too!

Sanitas is one of the most popular professional lines we use at bien-etre spa. Sanitas Skin Care from Rocky Mountain Labs in Boulder, Colorado is our idea of the perfect esthetician’s arsenal. Biochemist and pharmacist Benjamin Fuchs personally created every product in this line with the concept that the skin needs to be stimulated, rested and nourished using only biogenic active ingredients. Biogenic is a word used to describe an ingredient that is naturally found in the human body, but has been respectfully harvested from nature. This allows for optimal penetration and usage of the ingredients by the skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids, peptides, Vitamins and botanical antioxidants blend beautifully in the Sanitas line to keep your skin in top shape.

For those of you not familiar with this great professional skincare line, here’s a little bio, courtesy of the Sanitas Website:

Sanítas means good health in Latin. And that is exactly what Sanítas products do: create healthy skin by enabling cellular processes at the deepest tissue levels.

Sanítas Skincare was founded almost 20 years ago as a direct response to the need for skincare that actually works with the body’s own biochemistry. At Sanítas we have a unique philosophy about how to care for skin. Our products are designed to help treat common skin disorders to bring back to its normal, healthy state. The skin grows and regenerates through proper nutrition and supplementation. Sanítas products create healthy skin by utilizing both topical and internal skincare strategies.

Your skin has the amazing ability to regenerate itself, especially when you treat it with the right balance of stimulation and nourishment. This simple truth is the foundation of the Sanítas Skincare line. Sanítas products offer uniquely effective solutions to common skin care problems, because they utilize substances already present in the skin to stimulate the natural healing processes. These biogenic ingredients work at the cellular level to leverage existing biochemical reactions in the body. A small amount is all that’s required to enhance desirable body biochemistry that accelerates tissue regeneration, encourages new cell growth, increases blood supply and stimulates collagen and natural moisture factor production.

The core of the Sanitas philosophy is that the skin truly is a self healing organ, capable of restoring balance and health when encouraged properly. The basic concept of stimulation, rest and nourishment is one that bien-etre shares with Sanitas:

The skin is a dynamic, moving organ like any other organ in the body. Just as you would exercise your body by lifting weights at the gym, Sanítas products use alpha and beta hydroxy acids to “exercise” or stimulate the skin. The best time to take nutritional supplements is immediately after exercising; similarly, Sanítas products “feed” or nourish the skin with topical vitamins and natural moisture factors immediately after exercising it with our more active products. Using high concentrations of active, biogenic ingredients found naturally in the skin, Sanítas provides more of what your skin needs to help reverse the effects of aging. Tissue is nourished and stimulated at the cellular level, resulting in a more resilient, visibly healthy and younger-looking complexion.

These biogenic ingredients are botanicals that mimic naturally occurring materials in the body, such as Vitamins A-K, peptides, essential fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatories, alpha hydroxy acids, and more. When active ingredients the body recognizes are applied to the skin, they will be effectively absorbed and utilized without causing a negative  inflammatory reaction. In much the same way we nourish and exercise our body to gain results without trauma, Sanitas stimulates and feeds the skin in a way the body recognizes. Instead of trying to control the skin with ingredients that build up dependency and hypersensitivity, Sanitas strives to increase the strength and overall health of the skin – and we love that!

Here’s a breakdown of this concept:

Stimulation + Nourishment = Healthy Skin

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids exfoliate and stimulate skin cells and substructures (moisture factors, fibroblasts and immune cells). This process encourages fresh
layers to the surface and enhances skin tissue growth.

As younger cells surface, topical nutrients including Vitamins A, C, D, E and K, Essential Fatty Acids and Peptides nourish and accelerate the growth process.

Active vs. Resting
Just as you shouldn’t exercise the same muscle every day, it is the Sanitas philosophy that you shouldn’t exercise or stimulate your skin every day.  Skin, like a muscle, needs rest from stimulation to enter the refractory phase and grow.  Because of this we have created a system that employs a series of active vs. resting products.

Exciting right? Get Sanitas products now at our shop!

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