Muscle Testing for Skin Care Product Selection

Muscle TestingI’m often asked the question: “Which skincare products and  skin care supplements are best for me and my skin?

The answer to this question is not always a definite one. The truth is that there are many different products with quality ingredients that are effective in achieving beneficial results. Everyone’s skin is different because every person has a unique body chemistry.

The best way I’ve found to work with this theory and help my clients achieve healthy beautiful skin is to do muscle testing whenever possible. Muscle testing is a technique used in traditional Chinese medicine and modern-day Kinesiology. It is the process of testing muscle strength to determine which ingredient, product, thought, color, etc works best with an individual’s body chemistry and energy.

Here is a great, simple description of muscle testing and how it is used today, from

In a typical example of muscle testing, you’re given an herb to hold. You extend the other arm and are asked to keep it straight. The practitioner presses down on this arm and the opposite shoulder with equal pressure (to facilitate balance). If the herb is something you need, you’ll be able to resist the downward pressure and hold your arm rigid. If not, you won’t. The same procedure can be used to determine how often you should take each herb and how much each time. It can also be used to test the body’s responses to foods (for allergies), thoughts, sounds, colors, and emotions.

Want to try this at home? Here’s a great way to start:

You will need a partner for this – and preferably someone who is skeptical (makes it more fun!)

  1. Have your partner face you standing up and ask them to hold out one arm straight out at shoulder level.
  2. Place one hand on top of their forearm and have them resist you as you press down firmly.
  3. Visually measure how far down you are able to push their arm.
  4. Now place a glass or bottle of purified water in their free hand.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3
  6. Now replace the water with a soda
  7. Repeat steps 2 and 3

Your partner should be stronger and more able to resist your hand with the water – as the soda is not considered healthy for the body and therefore would weaken muscle strength.

* You can do the same test using positive vs. negative thoughts – healthy food vs. junk food – or anything else you find interesting. Bottom line is that muscle testing is an effective way of measuring what improves your health vs. what weakens it.

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