Cosmetics and Animal Testing

I was recently asked about my stance on animal testing. As a vegetarian and holistic esthetician, I thought the question answered itself fairly easily. However, it got me thinking about all the cosmetic companies that still test on animals unnecessarily.

Many of these companies are found on the supermarket shelves and cosmetic counters. That means we could be financially promoting them without realizing it. It’s not too common to see “we test on animals” labels out there, as I would assume these labels may be a deterrent to consumers.

Certain pharmaceutical and medical companies are required by law to conduct safety testing for their products. However, there are many companies who conduct voluntary animal testing for household products and cosmetics.

It is not my intent to delve into the heated debate on animal rights. Instead, I’d like to provide a tool for searching companies that “do” test on animals and those that “do not,” courtesy of PETA.  The purpose of this post is to provide information that makes your skincare decisions easy and well-informed.

Keep in mind that there are certain products that do not test on animals even though their parent companies do, so double check your favorite products to be sure.

bien-etre skincare studio supports skincare companies that refuse to test on animals, which is why our professional and retail products are never tested on animals, we’ve made sure of it. If you are ever unsure on a product, look for a cruelty-free logo on the packaging, website or other company information.

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