Aroma Bella Exfoliating Face Wash

40This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for many things: my loving family, great friends, inspiring clients…and my Aroma Bella Exfoliating Face Wash.

I have been alternating this cleanser with the Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser every other day and my skin is loving it! Aroma Bella, a boutique organic skin care line featuring potent antioxidants, essential oils and botanical extracts, hit the jackpot with this formulation…and my skin is grateful!

The Aroma Bella Exfoliating Face Wash lathers easily with just a bit of water without any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to irritate or strip the skin of precious natural oils. A blend of green and white teas, carrot, ginkgo and rosehips provide antioxidant support and amazing fragrance. Apple and sugar extracts gently exfoliate the skin and remove makeup and debris.

There are no preservatives added. Instead Aroma Bella designed air-tight packaging and added high-quality essential oils to keep the ingredients stable. Nice, right? This cleanser is great for any skin condition and will keep fine lines, clogged pores and hyperpigmentation at bay. Try alternating it with a resting cleanser (a non-exfoliating cleanser,) your skin will be grateful too!

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