15% off Dr. Bronner’s Soaps!

photo sources: dr. bronners, mmn.com

You already know that I have tons of love for Dr. Bronner’s products.  I use them for everything from cleaning our floors to shaving my legs (TMI?) Anyway, I thought I’d pass along their wonderful monthly special: 15% off all body and hand pump soaps and hair care products!

Dr. Bronner’s is organic and fair trade. The active cleansing agents are gentle and pure, free of synthetics, perfumes, SLS, dyes and parabens. They are also very effective and cost effective! If you haven’t already tried these amazing products, let this monthly special be your excuse.

On another note, I use Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds to mop our concrete floors since many of the other floor cleaners are toxic (for pets, children, environment, and the list goes on.) This products is heavily concentrated and pine scented (think natural pine sol.) I recently came across this fabulous mom-blog and found that the blogger uses my beloved Sal Suds to clean her dishes, counters, floors, even laundry!! WOW – here is her post on making an easy dish detergent with Sal Suds. Hopefully it will inspire you.

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