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When you cook and prepare your own meals, you will automatically eat a bit healthier. Cooking a meal using whole foods and fresh ingredients is the best way to ensure you are truly feeding your body. Your skin will thank you too! We love to prepare healthy meals, but sometimes need a little inspiration.

While researching new breakfast smoothie recipes, we came across this awesome healthy food web site called Yum Universe, and we instantly fell in love. Want to know how to make gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies? They’ve got you covered. What about making your own almond milk and using it in 5 different recipes? Again, they’re all over it. Heather Crosby and her team of foodie contributors definitely have a knack for creating food that tastes good and is GREAT for you. We were so inspired by the healthy wholesome meals at Yum Universe that we had to share it with all of you!

Yum Universe

YumUniverse is about making clean food choices work in the real world. For real people. Busy people. People with budgets. People with families. People who are overwhelmed with what is involved with diet changes or diet maintenance. Now, when we say “diet”, we mean what you eat for life—daily nourishment—not a temporary regimen that you will more than likely end up resenting or dumping. YumUniverse is for folks who love food and want to take their health to the next level. And let’s face it, to stick with a healthy lifestyle, it has to be yummy. ~Yum Universe

How wonderful…Happy cooking!

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