Wheatgrass Benefits

While waiting for my veggie juice at the Lotus Cafe in Encinitas, I picked up a bright green flier that caught my eye and soon discovered it was a laundry list of wheatgrass health benefits. It motivated me…so much, in fact, that I wanted to share it with you!

As many of my clients know – I am a super fan of wheatgrass juice. This green supplement is loaded with antioxidants and acid-neutralizing chlorophyll to help your skin glow. It can ease the symptoms of acne and even help prevent photo aging and environmental damage. I personally take Vitamineral Green, an amazing green powder that contains wheatgrass along with TONS of seaweeds and other goodies, on a regular basis, and indulge in the occasional wheatgrass shot. This works really well for my schedule and taste buds. You can easily find wheatgrass or greens in powder form at your local health food store, and most juice shops offer wheatgrass shots. My advice is to start slowly and build your way up to daily supplementation as wheatgrass can very quickly regulate your digestive system…so don’t overdo it. Like many topics in skincare, more is not always better.

Here are two great posts to help you incorporate powdered greens in yummy smoothies:

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I am often asked about wheat gluten allergies and wheatgrass supplementation. Fret not, no gluten is found in wheatgrass juice!

This post is intended as informative for skincare purposes and is not a replacement for dietary or medical treatment.

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