Undercover ‘Good for Your Skin’ Snack: Pistachios

pistachiosNow, we all know that we need to stay away from chips and cookies when looking for something to snack on…but we also don’t always have to stick with carrot sticks just to keep our skin happy!

Pistachios are a yummy way to indulge in your normal chip craving while adding important elements for your skin to your diet!

Here’s why I love them:

You can eat a bunch
Unlike other good for you nuts, you can eat handfuls of pistachios while still staying within the correct portion size!

They contain chlorophyll and polyphenols
Don’t want to take a wheat grass shot? Pistachios contain small amounts of chlorophyll and polyphenols, giving them their green hue and making them an excellent source of nutrition and antioxidant protection for your skin

They contain natural oils
Any smart esthetician will tell you that they key to healthy, youthful skin is a proper balance of oil and moisture. Adding natural omega fatty acids and plant or nut oils to your diet not only keeps your waistline in check, but also makes your skin glow!

They are guilt-free!
Pistachios are a great source of fiber and vitamin b6: (they have the highest amount of any of the nuts!) which benefits digestion and fills you up.

Getting Hungry?

Here’s a great article on the pistachios by one of my favorite ‘healthy lifestyle’ websites: skinny and the city

Worried about recent recalls?
From time to time when dealing with our farming industry and FDA standards, products and ingredients from certain companies will be put on the recall list of they do not pass FDA tests or slip through the cracks, so to speak. This is what happened with pistachios from certain processing centers under certain companies. Since then, the recalled products have been removed from grocer’s shelves and you can now snack safely! For more information, visit the FDA.

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