Teamotions Tea

A client recently told me about this beautiful tea company called Teamotions. They use adaptogens (sound familiar?) that help balance the mind, body and emotions. Like their name would infer, adaptogens adapt to their changing environment over time, making them a stronger species. This ability and strength is said to transfer when said plants are ingested.

Teamotions blends are unlike any other. By including adaptogens-herbs that restore balance, boost immunity, and increase the body’s resistance to stress-in every blend our teas help to foster and maintain both emotional and physical well-being.

Not only are these teas beautifully packaged and therapeutic in nature, they sound delicious. Who wouldn’t want to sip on a hot cup of Apple Cinnamon Chamomile or Citrus Strawberry White Tea? For those of you who love tea, these are definitely worth trying!

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