Sugar and Your Skin

sugar and your skinSugar is completely addictive. Just looking at this deliciously tempting cupcake is making it difficult to concentrate on anything else. And that’s exactly the problem. Processed Cane Juice, or table sugar, is responsible for all kinds of ailments, diseases and disorders (including memory loss and attention deficit), yet for most of us, it is part of our daily diet.

Our bodies crave sweetness, which in the world of whole foods is associated with caloric density. But pure sugar has no nutritional benefit like its whole counterparts (fruit, vegetables, and grains). Sugar not only affects your overall health, it ruins your skin.

You don’t need to be a nutritional or medical expert to notice that our leading causes of illness can be linked to this sweet stuff.

This article from does a great job of breaking down the facts about the US sugar addiction. You may find them a bit concerning: Excess Sugar Consumption

Dr. Mercola also has a thing or two to say about sugar. In this case, it is the sugar found in refined, bleached, processed, enriched flour and grains: You Are What You Eat! Grains

Sprouted whole grains are a complete exception to the low-carb diet rules. Brown rice, quinoa, sprouted breads and even some whole grain and sprouted pastas are very nutritious and beneficial to keeping blood sugar balanced and inflammation low. Many of these items are found easily in your local health food stores. If you like to bake your own bread, there’s even a company who will send you sprouted dough and recipes:

This article from Prevention Magazine online, discusses how sugar consumption leads to skin disorders and premature aging: Face Facts About Sugar

A Great Read: William Dufty’s Sugar Blues, goes into great detail about the rise of the sugar sensation and the decline of human health. The book is very inspiring, and will be up on bien-etre book reviews once finished. For now, here are some excerpts we found especially charming:

“Ancient civilizations like those of the Orientals, believed that all disorders of the body and mind proceed from what we eat. As the Oriental sages phrased it, the mind and the body are not two.”

“I cannot recall a single doctor (out of the dozens who treated me) who ever displayed the slightest curiosity about what I ate and drank…one night, in one sitting, I read a little book that said very simply that if you’re sic, it’s your own damn fault. Pain is the final warning. You know better than anyone else how you’ve been abusing your body, so stop it. Sugar is poison, it said, more lethal opium and more dangerous than atomic fallout.”

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