Strawberry, Kale & Blood Orange Drink Recipe

A few weeks back, I had the most delicious green drink form Whole Foods Market and was inspired to copy it after a Sunday trip to my local Farmer’s Market in Leucadia.

I think the WF version had kale, spinach, orange juice, strawberries and a couple other goodies. I switched it up a bit and decided to keep it simple with three of my favorite ingredients: kale, strawberry and blood orange.

Now, if you haven’t jumped on the blood orange band wagon yet, allow me to motivate you here. Blood oranges are sweet, tangy and loaded with folic acid and powerhouse antioxidants. They compliment kale or other green ‘leafies’ perfectly. Strawberries are just fun, and I stand strong in my opinion that nothing beats a perfectly ripe organic strawberry in the taste department.

If you need a new green drink recipe, try this beauty:

Strawberry, Kale & Blood Orange Drink

4 stalks (leaves) of kale (any kind, organic)
3-4 blood oranges peeled
2 large handfuls of strawberries, stemmed and cut in half*

*I froze my strawberries so that they would last a while, and think that this makes the drink taste more refreshing, but you can use fresh strawberries as well.

  1. Add kale and blood oranges to juicer and juice away!
  2. Pour green juice into blender and add strawberries…then blend away!

Hooray, You’re done! Feel free to add in a bit of protein powder, a banana, or orange juice to tweak the drink to your liking (that’s what I plan on doing…can’t have the exact same drink every time, can I?)

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  1. LauLau81
    LauLau81 says:

    Strawberry is one of mu favorite. This Strawberry Kale & Bllood orange drink sounds good, I think I am going to try it this week end. Thanks for sharing. 

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