Stop Sugar Cravings

Sugar is sooo sweet, but not for your skin. Cravings can become overwhelming at times if not kept in check. Want to minimize your sugar intake? I find these tips extremely helpful in preventing and combating sugar!

Drink more water, drink no soda Soda is loaded with sugar or sugar substitutes, and it’s plain BAD for you. There is no argument for the health benefits of soda, plain and simple. Drinking plenty of fresh water throughout the day will keep your body hydrated and prevent some hunger cravings. The more hydrated your body is, the better it functions (making it more fit to stabilize blood sugar levels and digestion.)

Eat fruit Satisfy a sugar craving with strawberries, an apple, or some papaya. Eating a piece of fruit will provide your body with other nutrients, like vitmains, water and fiber. The sugars found in fruit is balanced and less disruptive than refined sugars.

Get more protein Eating protein with every meal or snack will help stabilize your blood sugar, which will minimize negative affects of sugar in your system. It will also help cut down on sugar cravings.

Eat good fats Eating fats found in organic dairy, avocado, nuts and fish will help to cut down on cravings for sugar. It’s also good for you!

Eat something every 3 hours Back to blood sugar again…eating regular meals will prevent dips in blood sugar that often trigger sugar cravings.

Boost your mineral intake Research suggests that mineral deficiencies could be linked with eating disorders or wild cravings. Get a mineral boost with dark leafy greens (high in magnesium) or pumpkin seeds (high in selenium.)

Take advantage of stevia when sugar is needed When sugar is needed (in tea, coffee or baking) try using plant-based stevia instead. It has a lower glycemic load, which means that it wont spike your blood sugar as quickly as the refined stuff. Maple syrup (unrefined) and raw honey or agave are other good options.

Indulge in the quality sweets every once in a while so you don’t overindulge later Treat yourself every once in a while! Swearing off all sugar FOREVER is a tough rule to follow. You may end up with intense cravings that lead to overindulgence.

Fast from sugar for a week (or two) If you are a self proclaimed sugar-holic, eliminate all sugars for just one or two weeks sold turkey. The cravings will die down after that so that you can indulge every once in a while without getting bombarded with the “I need that piece of cake” moments.

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