Spring Time Cleanse

Your skin is amazingly affected by the health of your stomach, liver and gallbladder. Both your gallbladder and your liver are responsible for clearing excess toxins from the body and the blood. When you overindulge in certain foods and alcohol, toxicity builds up in the liver and gallbladder placing strain on them and leading to congestion in the skin. Clearing this excess toxicity will help clear the skin as well.

“when your liver is happy, your body is happy” – Victoria Mongilner, author of Ancient Secrets of Facial Rejuvenation

Springtime is the perfect time to cleanse and rest these vital organs. I like to take a week (sometimes a month) in spring to give my body a break (‘spring break’ for my skin) Here are some great ways to do it:

Juice it: Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are filled with nutrients and are super easy to digest, giving your system a break. Greens, carrots, beets and celery are especially beneficial for cleansing the blood which directly helps the liver out.

Take time for tea: Forgo the caffeinated beverages and sip herbal teas instead. Tea containing cleansing herbs like sassafrass, fennel, mint and dandelion work best!

Cut out dairy, gluten, sugar and heavy meats but bulk up the green vegetables and fish: An especially beneficial combo is wild salmon and asparagus.

Take a break from the booze: I love my vino too, but too much is stressful on the liver and the skin. Take a break and help your liver regain it’s full vital potential…you’re skin will feel clearer in no time!

Try an Infrared Sauna: infrared light detoxifies the tissues and increases dopamine levels. Sweating for 20-30 minutes as often as every other day during a mini cleanse is highly beneficial.

Be a Yogi: Many yoga poses help to massage internal organs and detoxify the system. Twisting poses are especially good for this. Ask your instructor before class to touch on some of these poses, and let them know you are cleansing!

Springtime is also a great time to start a new skincare regime. Topical treatments like detoxifying clay masks and rejuvenating antioxidant serums help the skin detox gently and keep skin clear. Massage therapy and deep cleansing facials are a wonderful treat and treatment for you and your skin while on a cleanse. Try to schedule your cleanse around your next facial or massage (or plan a massage and facial the same week as your cleanse!)


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