Sensitive Skin? Shop Organic

organic foods for healthy skinFor those of you who have “sensitive” skin, organic ingredients are the ones to look for. Just because something is branded as non-comedogenic or fragrance free doesn’t mean it wont irritate your skin. In many cases these products still contain petrochemicals (chemicals from processing petroleum), synthetic ingredients, or botanical ingredients grown using pesticides.

In a perfect world, normal healthy skin should never be sensitive. If it is – there may be a deeper imbalance in the body that needs to be worked out. In any case, sensitive skins need organic skin and body care products that are made without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, as these can be extra poisonous for delicate skin.

While we’re on the subject… any fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat should be organic whenever possible. It’s more important for certain foods to be organic than others. For example, because you eat the skin of an apple and the skin is fairly thin, apples need to be organic – while watermelon has a much thicker rind that does not get eaten – so it may not always have to be organic.

Here’s a list of important foods that need to be purchased in organic form: Dirty Dozen Foods

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