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Ah…San Francisco…how I love this city! I’ve been here many times in my days as a National Skincare Educator, yet every time I visit I find new spas, markets, and local businesses to add to my list of favorites!

This trip was a whirlwind…four days (two of them sunny!!) and I was able to cover ground from the Mission and Embarcaderro, to Union Square and China Town. San Francisco is a city of foodies and wine conniseurs, so its no surprise that I was able to find local, organic, sustainable food at every corner. As you know from reading this blog, organic and local fruits and veggies are key in nourishing your skin from the inside out. Lowering intake of pesticides in foods is even more important than looking for organic skin care products.

Some of my absolute favorite meals included a seven course Chef’s tasting menu in Masa’s private redwood wine cellar, local wild nettle ravioli at Blue Plate, authentic (and gluten-free) French macaroons from Paulette Macaroons, organic lemon vanilla cupcakes from Moonbaby Cakes, and amazing colorful produce at Bi Rite market and the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market! Whew…that’s a lot of yumminess for four days…but then, that’s part of the San Francisco experience.

These great meals gave me the energy I needed to scout out new spas, tea rooms and skincare boutiques – all of which I will be posting about soon!

I highly recommend you experience some or all of these local favorites the next time you’re in San Fran:

Masa’s – One of the fanciest and best meals I’ve had in years. As a vegetarian, I was well fed with spring vegetable and roasted beet salads, asparagus soup, grilled mushrooms and potatoes, handmade goat cheese ravioli and an impressive organic chocolate opera cake. Oh, and all this was paired with an incredible bottle of Châteauneuf du Pape.

Moonbaby Cakes – Priscilla hand makes each cupcake with love, using organic (even vegan if requested) ingredients and delivers them right to your door anywhere in San Francisco!

BiRite Market – find locally grown, organic produce (and actually hear all about the farms each fruit and veggie comes from!) There are also amazing cheeses, grass fed meats, and delicate pastries lining glass cases and tightly packed shelves. A GREAT place to visit to get ready for a picnic or a special home cooked meal.

Ferry Building Market – The markets here remind me of those in Europe, where you have a separate shop for cheese, meats, olive oil, bread…even mushrooms!

Paulette Macaroons – My love for these delicate cookies started in Paris, and Paulette knows how the Parisians make them!

Axis Cafe – Famous for their artist atmosphere and their weekend Brunch menu with almond french toast, eggs Benedict with butternut squash and full range of organic teas and coffees.

Blue Plate – Local, Fresh, Ever-changing Menu, Sustainable…what else could you ask for in a meal…oh yes…Delicious!

One thing I didn’t have time to do, but will definitely schedule for my next trip, is a wine infused cooking lesson from the Wine Chef via PopUpEdu (Home Ec for Grown Ups)… Love it! I had a chance to meet Melissa Lavrinc Smith and hear all about her business, books and classes. You can find out more about her underground cooking classes, as well as tips and chef reviews on her blog, Wine Chef SF.

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