The Raw Deal

The raw food diet (which is really more of a food philosophy than a “diet”) consists of eating and drinking raw plant-based foods, beverages, and oils only. Nothing is cooked, or heated over 115 degrees F.

The reason “raw-foodists” do not cook their food is because the nutrients and enzymes from the food die off as the temperature rises. When these enzymes are left intact, the foods are more easily digestible and our bodies can reserve our existing natural enzymes for other important functions. Raw foods also have higher nutritional content.

Benefits of eating raw food:

  • raw foods are easily recognized and processed by the body which almost eliminates digestive stress and keeps the free radical production low
  • raw foods contain more juices and water to nourish and hydrate the body which aids is weight loss and pretty skin
  • raw food contains more fiber, which aids in weight loss and stamina
  • by not cooking or processing your food, you are eliminating carcinogens and toxins associated with these treatments
  • you wont ever burn your tongue again!

You don’t have to become a complete raw-foodist to have beautiful skin.

By simply adding more raw foods into your daily diet you are getting the benefits. The more, the better!

For example: eat fruit 30 minutes before breakfast, have a big salad for lunch, munch on cut veggies between meals, or make your fruit juices freshly squuezed instead of buying them from the grocery store already juiced. See? You can easily incorporate tons of raw food into your diet and your skin will reap the benefits.

Bonus: check out these deliciously sweet (and not sinful) raw treats!

Kookie Karma


written by Jennifer Laz, Licensed Esthetician, bien-être spa


Eating for Beauty, David Wolfe

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