Pure Mamas: Current Mamas or Mamas to Be

pure mamas

Juli Novotny, one of our favorite green business owners (Kookie Karma) recently shared with us her blog: Pure Mamas. With her background in nutrition, raw whole foods, and green living, she has put together some great, easy ideas, recipes and inspiration. This blog is a must read for any mama, or mama-to-be.

Here’s a little taste:

“I’ve been an active participant in the food and health world for over 10 years now. I started my raw food business at age 24, when nobody was really sure what raw food meant (something you cook when you get home?). At the age of 30, with two boys under the age of 2, I’ve decided to focus more on nutrition for young children. The most important time for optimal nutrition is now. Keep your kids well fed and they will be better listeners, better sleepers and better learners. Say goodbye to macaroni and cheese, raviolis and processed apple juice. Say hello to green smoothies, almond butter and goat’s milk.” – Pure Mamas

Thanks, Juli!

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