Pitaya: the most beautiful fruit

Want to have the prettiest smoothie on the planet? Try a little PITAYA – or Dragon Fruit. This superfood from Central America has been cherished for centuries. Although this fruit is also found in Asia, the pitaya from Central America has more fruit inside and is much more pink in color.

The Pitaya fruit sprouts from a big beautiful white flower that only opens its petals under the night sky. The strong sun rises in the morning, and burns off the flowers petals. You are left with a small bud ready to grow into a delicious Pitaya fruit.

Dragon fruit is low in sugar and high in lots of good stuff: fiber, omegas, antioxidants, magnesium and love enzymes…to name a few! All of these are powerhouse nutrients that feed and nourish the skin, helping it glow! This company is now selling individual smoothie packs of flash frozen dragon fruit, making it the perfect and easiest base for smoothies or smoothie bowls. Step aside acai – ha ha! I kid…but seriously – watch the acai…companies are starting to add sugar to those smoothie packs and bowls. Plus, acai is kind of the less pretty step sister to this magnificent magenta fruit.

Has anyone used this in smoothies before? Do you love it? Im going to pick some up right now!

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