New Year’s Resolution? Beautiful, Healthy Skin in 2010!

Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Here are some great ways to start the New Year out right:

  • Make a pact with your skin to go see your esthetician for monthly facials. Regular facial keep your skin functioning at the highest level of heath.
    Professional treatments aid in cellular turnover, nutrient absorption, collagen stimulation, stress reduction, healthy circulation and deep pore cleansing in a way your home care cannot.
  • Change up your diet: cut out refined sugar, processed foods, excess meat, caffeine or alcohol for a month and see how much better you feel.
    This will give your digestive system the break it needs to properly process nutrients and eliminate excess toxins…leading to clear, radiant skin in a relatively short time period. Trust us, the benefits will outweigh the costs.
  • Add a green supplement to your beauty regime. Green drinks aid the body in digestion which keeps your skin clear. They also supply the body with tons of antioxidants to protect skin from oxidative and free radical damage.
    Best part? They are super easy to incorporate into your diet. Add them to water, juice or a smoothie anytime of day. Our current favorites are Vitamineral Greens and Nano Greens.
  • Bring more peace, and good karma, into your life. Take time to relax, help others and feel good in your skin. Take up yoga, swim in the ocean, start a journal, practice random acts of kindness to bulk up the balance in your karma account!
    Manage your stress and notice your skin improve drastically, whether your main concern is breakouts, hyperpigmentation or wrinkles. The lower your stress levels, the higher your well-being!
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