Use Natural Bug Repellent to Avoid Pesticides

Before applying a protective coating of bug spray…think about this:

You make efforts to use organic skin and body care products, choose organic food, and wear organic cotton or sleep on organic sheets. All this effort to avoid pesticides. But, if you still use traditional bug spray, you are pumping pesticides into your home and into your skin.

No one likes bugs, with the exception of certain entomologists, but the pesticides and chemicals in traditional bug repellents are just plain awful for you.

Here’s more information from The Bug Man.

Here are some clever tips to avoid the harsh effects and health risks associated with pesticides in bug spray, while staying bite-free:

Use Natural Pest Control:
Use a gentle, DEET-free pesticide for around your home. There are many services that advertise themselves as “natural” Pest Control. You don’t have to settle for harsh pesticides! This is especially important for households with pets and / or children.
Adopt a sugar free diet:
Mosquitoes bite for two reasons. Females go after the iron in your blood for their eggs, but only when they are reproducing – which is a small window of their lifespan. However, both male and female mosquitoes go after sugar found in plant nectar – and also in blood. Cut sugar out of your diet – its not good for you anyway – and you wont be as attractive to these tiny flying vampires.
Take advantage of screens, protective clothing and citronella candles:
These are all natural bug repellents that do not require anything to be applied to your skin. They make citronella candles in all different colors and containers now so that you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. If you live in bug-friendly areas of the country, chances are that you already have screened porches or outdoor rooms. If you don’t, they make screen curtains that can be easily added for summer-time activities.
Wear fragrance:
Mosquitoes are attracted to the way you smell. This is why some people are more prone to bug bites than others. If you are one of these attractive people, try wearing a fragrance or body lotion to mask your natural fragrance.
Research is being conducted to determine which scents are most attractive to mosquitoes and ingredients that will mask certain these scents. Once this is discovered we will have some safer alternatives to traditional bug spray.

If you need to protect your skin further, choose natural bug repellent:

Here are some great options and ideas –

Natural Insect Repellents

Burt’s Bees

California Baby

Bugs aren’t all bad, though! Ladybugs act as natural insecticides for your garden. Bees keep your flowering plants happy and growing beautifully. Spiders eat other little bugs. They are all part of an interconnected ecology that gets terribly disturbed by synthetic and harsh chemical pesticides. Practicing natural bug protection keeps you and the ecological system you live in safe.

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