Macro Bowls for Skin Radiance

So, I just finished my month of healthy eating (no gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol or refined foods) and I have to say, I am feeling pretty great! This venture has proven to me all over again that diet is crucially important.

This morning, while the baby napped, I took some time to scour the internet for skincare news and and inspiration and came across a phenomena called the Marco Bowl. I assumed it had something to do with macrobiotic eating (which always makes me think of Madonna,) but was intrigued nonetheless. Macrobiotic eating is said to boost nail health, hair shine skin radiance and an all around youthful appearance. With my month-long clean diet routine coming to an end, this would be an easy way to incorporate clean eating into at least one meal every day. What about you? Would you incorporate a macro bowl a few times a week as lunch or dinner?

A macro bowl is a meal (usually eaten in a bowl of some sort) consisting of:
20-50% whole grains (some people like only using 20% grains and adding 30% greens)
30% vegetables
10% legumes (beans)
5% fermented vegetables
5% sea vegetables (seaweed)

Here is a wonderful article all about the Marcobiotic Diet, for those who are interested.

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