Key Nutrients for Radiant Beauty at Any Age

Inspired by a great and easy-to-read article in an issue of New Beauty, entitled The NEW Anti Aging Diet, we decided to post some of our own tips. For more information, peruse the posts in the skin nutrition category.

Here are some of the heavy hitters: notice that we’ve given you the plant sources (with a few exceptions.) This is because they have tons of vitamins, antioxidants and most have high water contents which keep the skin and the body well hydrated.

For parched, aging or hyper pigmented skin, eat more:

  • Melatonin – found in ginger, cherries (yum,) and bananas.
  • Resveratrol – found in grapes and blueberries.
  • Vitamin A – found in carrots and pumpkins.
  • Vitamin C – found in pretty much any fruit or veggie – we like broccoli and citrus fruits.
  • Vitamin E – found in nuts, kiwi fruit and leafy greens, to name a few.
  • Selenium – found in garlic and olives

For oily or acne prone skin, eat more:

  • Vitamin B – found in berries, corn, leafy greens and beans.
  • Zinc – usually consumed in meats and dairy, but we suggest trying pumpkin seeds, brown rice and beans instead.
  • Probiotics – Bacteria to aid in healthy digestion. They can be purchased at your local health food store or through your nutritionist, homeopathic doc or acupuncturist.

Now, here are some to limit or avoid:

  • Dairy – Keep dairy intake low. It is difficult for the body to digest and can lead to skin irritation like breakouts and eczema. When you do consume dairy, make sure that it is organic and hormone free.
  • Coffee – Creates an acidic environment in the body which can make breakouts worse and lower immune system function. This beverage also spikes cortisol, the stress hormone that stops healthy digestion.
  • Sugar – When processed, sugar will disrupt the body, throwing everything off balance. Sugar leads to the destruction of the body, period. A little bit can be ok (and hey, we love cupcakes too.) Just keep it in moderation.
  • MSG – This flavoring additive is toxic for your system, which can lead to breakouts and premature aging of the skin.
  • Alcohol – Excess sugars spike cortisol and blood sugar levels, throwing the body off balance and creating lots of extra work which depletes you of vitamins and antioxidants. Alcohol also creates heat in the body, which according to Chinese medicine is not so good for the skin.
  • Soda – As far as the health of your skin is concerned, drinking soda is a cardinal sin! It will dehydrate you and lead to breakouts. Soda is also known to pull nutrients from your body and calcium from your bones…that can’t be good!
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