Juli Novotny: Incorporating Greens for Radiant Skin!

kale photo credit: this is from a great site that Juli likes for raw food recipes and pics, besides her own blog of course, called veggie wedgie!

Juli Novotny, owner of Kookie Karma and author of the Pure Mamas blog we love, is an amazing raw food chef and mama to two adorable little boys. She is passionate about all things healthy and green, which is why we asked her to share her tips for bringing more green goodness into our daily diets.

Green superfoods provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and protein for healthy skin. They gently detoxify the digestive system and alkalize the body to keep skin clear and youthful. We’ve learned so much from Juli and she continues to inspire us. That’s why we were ECSTATIC when she agreed to write a guest post for bien-etre! You are in for a treat: Here are Juli’s tips for incorporating more raw green superfoods in order to look and feel healthier and more radiant. Fore more great recipes, inspiration and ideas, be sure to visit her blog and website, or check her out on Facebook!

1. SMOOTHIES have become known as the dieting no-no — too many calories all packed into one drink! Well, instead of thinking of it as a bowl of calories, when done with all the right stuff, it can be a bowl of nutrients, enzymes, protein and electrolytes. Of course, if you add that smoothie to an already jam packed 2,000 calories a day, I can see the concern. But my point is, maybe those other calories should go and we need to MAKE room for that smoothie?!

Instead of adding protein powders next time, add 2 cups of romaine lettuce. Romaine lettuce is 17% protein with eight essential amino acids. It’s high in calcium, a raw food, loaded with iron and vitamin c {more than an orange} and full of other micronutrients. Here’s more great info on greens!

2. KALE! Kale is the densest of all the green leafy foods. It’s fun to use in all kinds of things. At home {and at work} we Kale “Chips” weekly and they don’t last but a day or two {kale chips recipe}. My recipe is fairly simple, minus the laborious task of de-stemming the kale and ripping it into pieces. The sauce is a dairy-free, soy-free, vegan raw cheese sauce. When dehydrated these morsels become crunchy and very “cheesy” in flavor.

more photo credits from Bonapetit and Veggie Wedgie! via

3. SALADS are so fun to play around with. I know there is a delicious book of salads out there. If not, I need to write one {hmmm, add that to my to-do list} because the possibilities are endless! Salads are not only full of all the raw food nutrients you need but they also have the ability to make you full and keep you satisfied like a steak would.

4. SKIP THE MEAT. Mondays, in the health food community, are designated “Meatless Mondays”. Why not start by passing on the steak and eating a bowl full of greens, a green smoothie and some kale chips on Mondays? That would be a great way to start getting more raw foods and greens into your diet.

Kale salads are one of my favorites. If you marinate raw kale in olive oil, sea salt and lemon juice for over an hour, the kale starts to soften and has a “cooked” feel to it. Eat it as is or add your favorite toppings. Here’s another good recipe: Tuscan Kale Caesar Salad

Then see how you feel {and look} and go from there!

Good luck!




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