Two Juices for Radiant Skin

As promised, I have been jouicing every morning since I received my Breville Juicer. I must say that I LOVE this thing! Its so fast and easy to make fresh fruit and veggie juices and clean-up is a breeze. Ive even been adding some of the pulp to our dogs’ food in the morning…and they seem very pleased with the bright addition.

These are the two juices Ive been enjoying over the weekend and this morning:

½ – 1 Red Beet

2 Stalks Celery

1 Pink Lady Apple

6 Medium Carrots

roughly ¼ of an English Cucumber


3 Pink Lady Apples

5 Large Carrots

3 Stalks Celery

I’m no stranger to freshly made veggie or green juices, but I only treated myself 2-3 days each week because it can get costly. Juicing my own, however, allows me to control how organic and local the produce is, as well as keep costs low. I think I spent about $10 on a TON of fruits and veggies that will last me about 5 days (and my morning juices are about 20-30 ounces each.) Not bad, considering I was spending $3-5 each for a 16oz. juice before.

I can’t wait to add more greens and play around with different fruits…I will keep you posted!

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