Green Juice

Still juicing away! I’ve ventured into the greens, and I for my first try…it was pretty fantastic. I plan on adding more apples and possibly even some agave next time so that I can up the kale without making the drink bitter. Kale is amazing for the skin as it provides the body with a TON of phyto-nutrients, iron, antioxidants, etc. Any dark leafy greens will provide these ultimate skin nutrients. Celery is packed with Vitamin C which is essential in the production of collagen, and it’s super hydrating, as is Cucumber. Grapefruit is clearing for the skin and boosts your natural vitamin C levels as well. I added in apples to sweeten the deal.

Here’s the recipe…Yum!

½ bunch of organic Kale

5 stalks organic Celery *VERY impt to always get organic – pesticides are heavily used on celery

1 large or 2 regular Pink Lady Apples *cut in half and de-seeded

2 Pink Grapefruits *need to be peeled

1/3 organic English Cucumber

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