A Great Blog to Follow: Well Done Blair

My sweet sister Blair is an amazing professional photographer in San Francisco, and she – is in most senses of the word -a foodie as well. Is she a food snob? No way! In fact, one of her favorite meals is chicken and biscuits (we are from the south after all.) Does she make her own gourmet butter and bring it with her to San Diego for Thanksgiving? Yes, yes she does.

Blair combined her photography skills with her love of food and cooking and started a blog called “Well Done Blair,” where she chronicles her adventures in the city of food and in her 50-square-foot kitchen.

Many of you, I know, love to collect new recipes for whole-food cooking, and this blog is the perfect inspiration! Are these recipes all vegan and gluten free? Nope. Are they all delicious and made from scratch? You better believe it.

Check out Well Done Blair; you won’t be disappointed!

*photos all courtesy of Blair Sneddon Photography and Well Done Blair

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