Gluten Free Cookbook: The Pure Pantry

I’ve mentioned The Pure Pantry before when talking about the gluten-free diet. Going gluten-free has helped many people clear certain skin imbalances like eczema, dermatitis and acne by helping reduce the amount of internal yeast and regulating digestion. However, going gluten-free can be quite challenging as gluten seems to be in EVERYTHING these days. Knowing how to cook and prepare recipes helps when aiming to successfully navigate the gluten-free diet. That’s where this great recipe book comes in handy. It contains loads of delicious recipes and highlights baked goods like cookies, deserts and pancakes – items that would otherwise be off limits.

The company’s founder, Elizabeth Kaplan, also makes amazing baking mixes that are available in most local markets. That’s because she’s a San Diego resident! So, here’s to supporting gluten-free living as well as a local business owner! Order the Pure Pantry Cookbook here:

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    really helped me in going out with my friends without fear.

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