Gentle Juice Cleansing in the New Year

I came across this little gem while waiting for my green drink at my neighborhood Juice Bar, and thought I’d pass it along. Juice “fasts” get a bad rep, but not all of them are extreme “celebrity” weight-loss regimes. This one, and many others like it, is suggested for gently cleansing your body in the New Year – and who doesn’t need a little deep cleaning after the Holidays??

Freshly juiced fruits, veggies and herbs are wonderful for providing your body with a ton of nutrients in an easily digestible package. Many vegetables have gentle detoxifying effects on certain organs that play integral roles in digestion. I like that this specific Juice Cleanse, recommends avoiding certain foods and ingredients, but encourages eating regular food. This is not a fast where you are limiting calories on a large scale. As always, if you decide to incorporate any of these ideas, please consult your physician first if the need is there (especially if you have a history of health problems or are pregnant.)

For this Juice Cleanse, they recommend going into the juice bar and purchasing 64 oz’s of each day’s specific juice blend. You can make your own as well. Just keep in mind that you will need these fruits and veggies in bulk!

  • Make or buy each juice first thing in the morning so it is as fresh as possible. Each batch should be about 64 oz’s)
  • Drink 8 oz’s of the juice every hour during the day (about 8 servings for each day)
  • In between drinking the juice, drink a full glass of clean water (on the half hour, about 8 glasses per day at least)
  • Eat a well balanced meal (early dinner) consisting of easily digestible veggies and lean protein.
  • Avoid caffeine, sugar (even hidden sugars in sauces,) alcohol, white carbohydrates (like white pasta and bread) and dairy for the three days of your juice cleanse. *It’s been my experience that avoiding these foods for a few days before and after any juicing helps bring about the very best results – FYI
  • **Be prepared to pee a lot more (just warning you – you will be hydrating your body and most of us will need a restroom break more often than usual. – Trust me, this is a good thing – you are getting rid of the old, stale water your body has been recycling over and over and replacing with fresh clean goodies!)

This information is for educational and inspirational purposes only and not meant to replace medical advice. Please use common sense when trying out any new recipe or dietary suggestions.

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