Gelatin for healthy skin?

I’ve mentioned bone broth before and how it can do wonders for wound healing and building healthy collagen in the skin. It’s definitely not for everyone, but organic homemade bone broth and gelatin is proven effective for increasing skin elasticity, strength and softness. (And this is coming from a 20 year vegetarian!)

If bone broth is not your thing, but soft skin is…you may want to consider adding powdered gelatin as a dietary supplement. I’ve been using one from Great Lakes that’s very clean and from grass fed, organic sources. This company has a great reputation and wonderful reviews. Powdered gelatin can be added to smoothies, juice, tea, coffee, or anything else you can think of. It provides your body with all essential amino acids and is pure protein. All of this equates to healthier connective tissue (hello, skin!)

Gelatin supplementation has also been used to benefit joint issues as well! The effects are seen relatively quickly in the hair, skin and nails. It usually takes a few weeks when consumed daily.
I’ve been told you can use it topically as a mask too. It’s odorless (pretty much) and tasteless…so I will be trying the gelatin mask very soon!
Has anyone else used powdered gelatin as a beauty supplement?

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