Food Rules!

Michael Pollan Food Rules

Yes, food is pretty fantastic, but beware of the many impostors! Michael Pollan, Journalism Professor, Author and Defender of Food, releases a new rule book ‘Food Rules‘ that’s already making quite the impression on omnivores everywhere.

Our personal favorite is Rule #11: Avoid Foods You See Advertised on Television.

Hey, if they need a supermodel, cartoon or jingle to sell it, maybe it’s not all that great on its own. Haven’t heard of Food Rules? Here’s a great write-up, accompanied by his appearance on The Daily Show with John Stewart:

The book is making such an impact, many readers have added their own rules to the mix. Michael Pollan has written many great, insightful books on the Food Industry and has made appearances on many book covers, television programs, lectures and films (the latest being “Food, Inc.“)

We reviewed some of his earlier books here:

Follow the link for more information on Michael Pollan

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