Flame Retardant chemicals in soda?

photo credit: Gizmodo, Scientific American

We wanted to give you a heads up on another additive that could be harmful to your health: BVO (brominated vegetable oil.) Sounds less than delicious, yet it is added to certain drinks to prevent product separation.

This additive contains chemicals similar to those used in flame retardants, and is banned throughout Europe and parts of Asia. Yet, it is still FDA approved for use in sports drinks and sodas in the United States. Why the FDA has deemed this ingredient not worthy of a place on their priority list, we do not know.

The brands known to use this additive are Squirt, Mountain Dew, Orange Fanta, some flavors of Gartorade and other sports drinks. To be on the safe (and healthy) side, always check labels of prepared and processed foods and drinks before consuming them. Think of this potentially disturbing news as a great motivation to stop drinking soda and drink more water. Your skin will thank you!

For more information, here’s an article on this topic from Natural News, one from Scientific American and one from Gizmodo.com – Enjoy!

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