Eating to Live: a great little video

My mother, who is always looking out for my best health, sent me this great video on the importance of eating raw foods filled with micronutrients.The video is part of a 30 day Raw food challenge to combat obesity and diabetes:

Raw for 30 Video

Dr. Furhman is straight-to-the-point as he talks about the enormous effect of food on our body (and skin!) I was so inspired, I made a huge salad and went out to purchase his book: Eat to Live. It’s filled with logical information about how we can change our health through changing our diet. For more information on his book and food philosophy, visit his website.

I have so many clients who ask what else they can do to improve their skin. Every time you make a meal, you have an opportunity to help clear and soften your skin through true nourishment. It’s no coincidence that my raw-food clients (and friends) have gorgeous, glowing skin!

Dr. Furhman has some great tips and ideas, but like any other nutritional advice – this should be considered a piece. For example, your skin does really well when you are personally getting the Omega Fatty Acids (3, 6 and 9) you need to produce healthy collagen. A completely fat-free diet is not always my favorite way to ensure that you are receiving adequate Omegas. However, I agree with the Dr. that limiting or avoiding animal fats can be beneficial to your health and your skin. As we are all getting ready for the feasting that will occur later this week, here are some great holiday recipes from some of my favorite raw, vegetarian and vegan food blogs:

Raw Thanksgiving, Pure Mamas

Quinoa with Squash and Mushrooms, Fat Free Vegan

Creamy Pumpkin Soup, Fat Free Vegan

Spinach, Orange and Red Cabbage Salad,Veg Kitchen

Thanksgiving Meat-less Loaf, Fat Free Vegan

Again, I am a skin expert, not a nutrition expert. Always consult your doctor before drastically changing your diet.

Happy cooking and preparing!! Oh, and thanks mom!

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