You Are What You Eat

you are what you eatIt’s really quite simple: If you eat junk and put junk ingredients into and on your body, you will look and feel like junk. You are what you eat.

This is not about sacrificing everything that’s fun and yummy, it’s about making better choices and loving yourself enough to choose foods and products that truly nourish your body and your skin.

Everything you put into your body will affect how your skin looks. your skin is your largest organ, and it gets fed through your blood, which carries nutrients from the food you ingest.

Listen up:
your skin has amazing detoxifying properties, which means that if you are overloading your body with junk and toxins from processed foods, soda, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, your skin will help out in the form of acne, rashes, excema, and other unsightly conditions.

Nutritional Keys for Beautiful Skin:

  • read the ingredients – if something has a gazillion ingredients and things like hydrogenated oils, MSG, sucralose, bleached flour, etc – stay away! Eat more WHOLE FOODS (they  usually don’t have an ingredient list because you know exactly what they are made of)
  • eat tons of fruits and veggies (as raw as possible) in the morning and afternoon
  • drink 8-10 glasses of water (at least) every day
  • make water the last thing you put in your body before bed
  • make water the first thing you put into your body in the morning
  • consume MINIMAL amounts of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat, eggs and dairy
  • eliminate processed foods: junk food, fast food, soda, and anything with processed ingredients on the label
  • stay away from fat-free, sugar free and crab free foods and drinks – they are NOT healthy (if fact, these alternative ingredients can actually be WORSE for you: sucralose, vegetable and hydrogenated oils, splenda, MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, etc)
  • do not smoke
  • do not self-medicate with alcohol, pain killers like Advil, etc – if you are hurting, your body is trying to communicate with you – so LISTEN! For example:most of the time when your head hurts you are dehydrated and need water
  • don’t get carried away with soy products (soy milk, imitation meat, etc) as it can cause your body to produce too much estrogen, making you feel like you’re PMS-ing 24/7

To quote two of my favorite new authors:
“You spend 40 hours a week working, or more if you are a full-time mom. Certainly your health and your body and you are more important than anything else in your life. You are worthless to your colleagues, friends, and family if you do not value yourself enough to take excellent care of you…Love yourself enough to do whatever it takes to be the best you can be.” – Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, Skinny Bitch

written by Jennifer Laz, Licensed Esthetician, bien-être spa

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