Easy Skin-friendly Eating

The question I get over and over form clients, is this: “What can I do to improve my eating habits when I have no time to prepare meals and don’t want to spend a  fortune at Whole Foods?”

We are all busy, aren’t we? Yet I’ve found that some of us have no problem eating by the 80/20 rule while other (even I’ve been guilty at times) skip meals or eat convenient foods that may be lacking in skin-saving nourishment.

My usual answer is “smoothies!!!!” They are still my absolute go-to when I’m in a time crunch. They are amazing for so many reasons…but here are a few:

  • You can buy frozen fruit in bulk (or freeze leftover fruit) and it will keep in the freezer FOREVER
  • Protein powder and Green Powder is about as fast as it gets for nourishing foods
  • You can add extras to your smoothies depending on what you have on hand: flaxseed, molasses, coconut milk…even ice cream (yep, I’m still pregnant.)
  • Smoothies are travel-friendly – I often enjoy mine whilst driving into work!

That being said, I know that smoothies can’t be the only answer…so I’ve scoured my Pinterest, health blogs and recipe books to share with you some easy, inexpensive and nourishing meals and snacks!
Here they are, enjoy:

Energy Bites
No baking or fuss required for these powerful bites! They are easy to make GF too – just use GF oats!!

Life Bowl
I love this idea for any meal of the day. Make the brown rice ahead of time and store in fridge.

Strawberry Almond Toast
It’s as easy as it sounds. Invest in a good sprouted whole grain bread you love, toast it up, add almond butter and cut strawberries. You can also add a little honey if desired…

Pumpkin Protein Muffins
This recipe calls for coconut flour, which is GF…but you can use reg whole grain flour too! Make them on a day off, freeze and remove one at a time to thaw in the microwave and eat as snacks.

Granola Bowl
Combine your favorite granola (Karmic Krunch is a great GF option) with 3 giant scoops of plain organic Greek Yogurt and any fruit you have on hand. You can add honey, pumpkin seeds or any other goodies if you’d like. This makes for a great breakfast option!


(mix veggies and greens ahead of time and put in indiv baggies.) Add the contents of one baggie to a tupperware or bowl, along with seeds, cheese, fruit, beans, or whatever else you like. Add dressing and you’re golden. If you made a salad every day for lunch, you’d greatly increase your natural fats, antioxidants and fiber – all of which the skin need!

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    HCG says:

    Although all plant produce contain the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your skin healthy, some food have more skin-friendly nutrients.

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