Down-dog Your Way to Beautiful Skin: practicing yoga regularly can benefit your skin’s health

yoga-poseYoga is just one practice of the centuries-old philosophy of Ayurveda. It has recently fast become one of the most popular ways to stay in shape – and has a following much like aerobics did in the age of Jane Fonda. There are even retail boutiques and e-commerce sites dedicated solely to yoga “gear” and the latest trendy, yet functional and earth-friendly yoga clothes. Heck, I even gave away a “yoga Buddha baby” onesie at a recent baby shower!

There are many great health benefits to practicing yoga in any modality. One that I find particularly of interest is yoga’s ability to improve the skin’s health and beauty. Dr. Perricone writes about this in his book The Clear Skin Prescription.  “So how can one attain a fit, toned, and flexible body as well as clear, radiant skin at any age? Yoga. In my opinion, the benefits of yoga are unparalleled. Yoga is unique in that it addresses the entire person.” – Dr. Nicholas Perricone

The best Yoga Poses for Radiant Skin:

Twisting Poses, like Triangle Pose, are great for aiding the body in elimination of toxins. Many twisting poses also massage the internal organs to aid in digestion and detoxification.

Inverted Poses, like Downward Facing Dog, give the lower body a bit of a break and increase blood flow to the head. This gives the skin a rush of fresh blood and nutrients. When you stand back up, the blood goes back down toward the heart – and hopefully takes some unwanted toxins with it!

Bending Poses like Chair Pose and Warrior 1 and 2, which place weight in the legs, will really get the blood pumping. Again, this increase in circulation carries nutrients to the skin, de-puffs tired eyes, helps to clear breakouts and encourages healthy skin functions. As a side benefit – these poses also promote sweating – which allows your skin to eliminate and toxins lurking under the surface.

The Yoga “breath” is also important for the skin as it encourages deep inhalations bringing lots of fresh oxygen into the body, and deep exhalations to allow your body to get rid of any “stale” air. Just by breathing slower and deeper, you are increasing the health of your skin. You are also helping your mind and body relax, which lowers cortisol levels. This will help keep breakouts and skin rashes to a minimum.

Want even more information on Yoga? The Yoga Fitness Blog is dedicated to the health benefits of yoga and does a great job explaining the many facets (it even posts information on ‘free yoga’ and yoga retreats). Enjoy!

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