Copper for Clear, Healthy Skin

copperCopper, a pliable metal alloy, has been used in electrical wiring, roofing, even art…but did you know it plays an important role in skin care as well?

Copper is included in many multivitamin supplements, and for good reason. The truth is that without any copper in our system, our body would start to shut down completely. Copper is used by the body in wound healing and has anti-inflammatory properties, much like Zinc, and works to maintain heart health and promote adequate sleep patterns. It also plays a role in the production of collagen and is attached to certain peptides in skin care products to help boost the production of this important protein.

For more information on the health benefits of this vital nutrient, check out “Copper essential for healthy skin and hair”.

For specific details on the role of copper in wound healing, read this study by Gadi Borkow, PhD.

complexion clearBelow is a Skincare Supplement that contains Copper and also has many other vitamins to promote clear, healthy skin.
Sanitas Complexion Clear

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