Cookies that are Good for your Skin!

karma kookie“C” is for “cookie”…and that’s good enough for me, but not the best thing for my skin. Many ingredients that go into the baking process can cause steep rises in blood sugar, which can lead to breakouts or free radical damage down the road.

But these “kookies” are better! Kookie Karma
This San Diego, CA based company – owned by raw food junkie Juli Novotny – is truly a godsend for anyone who loves sweet treats but wants to enjoy them guilt free! These delicious snacks are raw, filled with good for your skin ingredients like cherries, ginger, coconut, almonds, unsweetened chocolate and carob, leaving out any preservatives, synthetics, sugar, gluten, dairy, baking powder, or other un-skin-friendly ingredients.

These amazing kookies are available online at or at select Whole Foods and other health food stores near you!

“K” is for “kookies”…and good skin karma!

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