Chlorophyll in Your Drinking Water?

Ive recently been adding liquid chlorophyll to my drinking water and I am absolutely LOVING it, I even have my husband asking for it daily.

As we remember from science class (or Billy Madison,) chlorophyll is the “green stuff” found in all plants that helps transfer sunlight into energy. Interestingly enough, this “green stuff” was found to be the closest match to our blood composition. So, does this mean that we are giant walking plants? Maybe, but that’s not why I’m drinking green water. I’m drinking it because of the tremendous health and skin benefits.

Chlorophyll aids in digestion, increases the health of red blood cells, increases energy, aids in detoxification, helps assimilate minerals like magnesium and calcium, helps you retain the water you drink so you can fully benefit from it, acts as an amazing antioxidant, helps in wound healing and brings oxygen to the blood and tissues. Every single one of these also works to benefit the skin and keep it youthful and clear!

When one of my dear clients told me how wonderful she felt after adding chlorophyll to her daily regime, I thought Id test it out myself. I chose the peppermint flavor (natural peppermint oil is used, no artificial flavoring for me!) I love that it also acts as a breath freshener and tastes like mint tea…bonus! Try it out (with a doctor’s approval if you are being treated for any health condition, of course) and let me know what you think.

For more information, read this great article on chlorophyll.

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