Can Caffeine Give You Wrinkles?

Caffeine skin careIt just might! Caffeine can help pick up circulation and reduce under eye puffiness, but large amounts in your daily diet can lead to skin damage and premature aging. Research shows that caffeine raises cortisol and insulin levels. This gives you a jolt of energy, taking it away from other important functions like food digestion and elimination of toxins.

Caffeine places a large amount of stress on the body, which pushes it off balance. Too much caffeine daily can not only dehydrate your skin, it can lead to breakouts from improper digestion and stress. High cortisol levels will also increase free radical production, a large contributor to skin aging.

Before replacing your double mocha latte with a decaffeinated version, get this: Coffee, even decaf, has a bigger affect on cortisol levels than tea. Sodas and energy drinks are even worse. Their sugar and other chemically altered ingredients lead to many skin problems too. Your best bet is to stick with green, red or white tea if you need a little caffeine, but limit it to one daily serving. It’s also a good idea to space out your caffeine boost with any meal, as caffeine hinders proper digestion.

I always tell my clients to drink a full glass of room-temperature or warm water (preferably with lemon) first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything. This not only helps wake the body gently, it clears the digestive tract and boosts metabolism.

PS… If you still need your coffee, have it in the afternoon or before a workout. Choose varieties without artificial additives and use agave to sweeten instead of sugar or flavors.  Coffee is often heavily ridden with pesticides, so unless it comes from a high elevation area, drink organic!

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