Breville Juicer: an Important Beauty Tool

After researching on and off for the past few months, I finally ordered my first “big girl” juicer from the respected Breville family! Im constantly posting about skin beautifying smoothies and juices, but up until now, have relied on my blender and the local Juice shop and Framer’s Markets for fresh juice. All that changes in a few days when I receive my new kitchen toy!

Aside from clean water, fresh and raw fruits and veggies are the very best things we can add to our daily diet to improve our skin from the inside out. Some of my favorite smoothie and drink recipes are found here, but I will be adding to this list very soon. For the month of April, I will be juicing daily and will post my favorite blends and recipes (both from my kitchen and some other terrific sites.)

Green Lemonade, a great health and beauty website, makes mention of the best juicers out there, and guess who’s number one? Yep, Breville! This beautiful blogger also has some delicious and nutritious recipes, check them out!

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