Blood Oranges: Antioxidant Powerhouses!

The local farmer’s markets have been saturated with amazing blood oranges lately. The sample trays are always among the first to be attacked by salivating market shoppers (myself included.)

The tart and sweet flavor of blood oranges makes them one of our favorite citrus fruits. Oh yeah…and we also love them because they are higher than many other fruits in antioxidant power, which is a must for beautifully healthy skin!

Blood oranges are the sexy cousin of navel oranges, and they pack a nutritious punch. The pigment in the blood orange, known as anthocyanin, is rich in antioxidants. They also contain anywhere from 12-28 percent of your daily recommended fiber. Vitamins A and C (one medium to large sized blood orange contains 100 percent of your daily recommended Vitamin C!!) can be found in each one, as well as minerals iron and calcium.

In need of creative ways to use these juicy beauties in your weekly meals? Check out for some really great blood orange recipes!

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