The Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

Coffee may have caffeine and some beneficial properties, but it aint got NOTHIN’ on herbal tea! Every time you drink herbal tea, you are providing your body with skin-beautifying nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, gentle detoxifiers and anti-inflammatories. There are so many wonderful varieties to try, but my personal favorites are rooibos (powerful antioxidant protection,) Moroccan mint (peppermint is cooling, aids digestions and calms inflammation,) and chamomile tea (great for bedtime as its very calming and a de-stresser.)

Best Health Magazine agrees – I stumbled across this great little article on the benefits of herbal tea, and wanted to share it with you. I would add a couple more to this list: raspberry leaf and licorice root. Raspberry leaf tea supports the female reproductive system. Whether or not you are planning a family, supporting the health of these important organs is always a good idea. It’s also known to ease menstrual pain and help improve mood when hormones have gone a little wacky. Licorice root falls in the same category as dandelion and milk thistle in that it aids in gentle detoxification of the liver. It’s a great choice if you are doing a spring cleanse or if you’ve overindulged over the weekend.

I love coffee just as much as many of you, but have found that limiting myself to one small cup a day gives me just as much benefit as downing a venti latte (after a while, it’s just overkill) and adding in herbal tea throughout the day gives me a break from water but also gives me lots of extra benefits. Try it out, you may just get hooked!

Extra credit: Here’s even more information on the skin benefits of herbal tea.

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