Acai Smoothie Recipe

Acai berries have long been touted as antioxidant powerhouses. This Brazillian fruit has even been given the envious title of “superfood” by health foodies across the country. Acai can be found in juice, powder, capsule and frozen forms and there are many ways to incorporate this superfoood into your healthy diet. My personal favorite is…you guessed it…SMOOTHIES!

The Sambazon brand is a personal favorite because they offer individual portions of frozen unsweetened acai that can be added to any smoothie. I always keep frozen fruit stocked in my freezer to add, along with greens, maca, fresh almond milk, chia or flaxseeds…anything I have on hand. These little acai pouches area a great option, and blend well with other frozen fruit as well.

I recently shared a mango, acai and greens smoothie with my 1-year-old while visiting our local Acai Bar. (She loves green smoothies too!) We enjoyed it so much, we recreated it at home for breakfast the next day. Here is my version:

Green Mango Acai Smoothie

½ cup frozen mango
2 leaves organic kale
1 tbsp powdered Vitamineral Greens
1 pack unsweetened Acai
½ organic banana
½ cup freshly made almond milk

Fill blender with all ingredients
Add purified water just to cover halfway
Blend on high
*add more water if needed

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