6 Steps to Sexier Skin pt. 2

sexier skinStep 4: Replace Your Shower Head
Not just with any old shower head, though. Look for a filtered version. I recently purchased a great, inexpensive filtered shower head at Home Depot for under $39 – and the filter lasts for 6 months before it needs to be changed. There are higher quality brands (slightly more expensive) found at many online retailers as well. Filters are important because they remove excess bacteria, dirt and fluoride from tap water. Bacteria can cause breakouts, and fluoride is extremely drying for the skin.

Step 5: Be-friend The Dry Brush
Dry brushing daily can improve your skin’s health by increasing circulation and the lymphatic system, aiding in detoxification and allowing nutrients and oxygen to get to the skin faster. Dry brush before every shower and get sexier skin all over, not just on your face! For more information on this sexy skin step, read the article: All About Dry Brushing.

Step 6: Give Yourself A Mini Facial Weekly
Once a week, take an extra 15-20 minutes to treat your skin with a mini facial – you wont be sorry you spent the time! Treating your skin weekly, in between monthly or bi-monthly facials, increases the health and vitality of your skin by maintaining positive cellular migration and turnover and preventing build up of cellular debris on the surface. It will also help your skin absorb the nutrients from your serums and moisturizers more effectively. For a great at-home spa recipe, read the article: bien-etre’s Favorite Weekly Beauty Ritual.

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