4 Big Benefits of a Sugar Detox

Twice each year, I forgo all sugar for at least 4-5 weeks. I do this to give my body a much needed break and to establish more of a healthy balance internally. The changes I notice when doing this are quite remarkable. After just a week, I start to feel brighter, lighter and happier. We are not meant to ingest much sugar at all, aside from those natural sugars found in whole foods. However, as evolution guides us…we are all born with an innate sweet tooth. Going sugar free is hard – I’m not gonna lie. But, it’s only hard for a very short while. As soon as the initial detox occurs, it’s actually quite easy. And, the benefits are completely addicting! Learn about 4 of these main benefits here, courtesy of Mind Body Green.

Want to start a sugar detox of your own? Here’s a great place to start – read this

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