The Best of Natural Laundry

So many people suffer from dermatitis, eczema or skin sensitivity. These people must avoid harsh additives like perfumes, artificial fragrances and fabric softeners. For this reason, many choose natural alternatives for their laundry needs. I personally find some of these alternatives do not live up to expectation in the cleaning and freshening departments. But there is good news! I took to the internet to research the very best laundry options for those who want to avoid harsh ingredients yet demand quality. Here’s what I found – and tested – to be the best:

Best natural laundry detergent –

DIY detergent recipe – which I personally use!
*I personally use Dr Bronners lavender bar soap option in this recipe, and add in a little oxyboost for whitening

Best natural fabric softener DIY

Wool Dryer Balls – a necessity!! I add a couple drops of young living lavender or purification to them before using – amazing!

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